Motivations for Making the Big Career Move

Knowing what motivates candidates is a key component for sourcing top talent and improving efficiency and time-to-hire for corporate recruiters and talent executives. 

Drawing from more than 2 million survey responses from our members, Ladders’ first “Beyond the Resume” report examines the key factors that motivate senior professionals to make the jump to a new company. In this groundbreaking new study, we explore:

  • Whether pay, long hours, boredom, or bad bosses are the primary factors for leaving one's company (hint  it's not "bad bosses")
  • How perks such as free lunches or company outings impact career choices, and how the value placed on perks varies based on experience levels and across industries and job functions
  • What employees value most in their jobs — such as opportunities for learning and growth, interacting with interesting co-workers, or knowing that their work is making an impact

Check out the full report for more insights, including recommendations for how to use insights about individuals to tailor your candidate messaging, allowing you to improve your response rates, reduce your time to hire, and hire the right people for your most critical positions.

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